Team Ethan - supporting Abili-T

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December 1, 2015

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Here’s our story. We may never have actually spoken about it, but you all probably know it by now. Ryan and I experienced every parent`s nightmare just over 3 years ago. Ethan wasn't even 1 yet when I started suspecting that he was… let`s just say different. As soon as he was old enough to be assessed for anything that concerned us, I threw myself exhaustively (to put it mildly) into advocating for him, determined to get the answers we needed. Within a month of chasing down doctors and therapists and reading way too many disturbing and depressing blogs on the internet, our nightmare came true - Ethan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Saying it still hasn’t gotten any easier. As you can imagine, we were utterly devastated, heartbroken, mentally drained, feeling helpless, and sick with worry about the challenges that we knew would follow. Ethan wasn't even 2 and our world was completely shattered. Or we at least thought that it was.

We had literally tried anything and EVERYthing - we read every book, analyzed every study, put Ethan on different diets, visited countless therapists, and spoke to every single person who we thought may be able to help guide us. Luck was on our side when one of those people referred us to Abili-T. Abili-T is a not-for-profit early intervention centre supporting the needs of children with ASD. In clearer terms, Abili-T was the answer to our prayers.

That was 2 years ago. Ethan's progress since that time is pretty miraculous. Abili-T has changed the lives of so many children and we know how lucky we are that Ethan is one of them. Unfortunately, there are way too many families who don’t have the capacity to take the private route and who end up waiting up to 2 years for public services.

Abili-T is trying to change this and you can help. This is a non-event event, which means that every single penny collected through this initiative will go directly to accommodating the need for intervention. By supporting Abili-T, you can help families struggling with ASD to provide the best possible therapy for their children.

From the bottom of my heart, please join Team Ethan, so that more children can have the opportunity to become their best selves.

This is every parent's dream - that their children will be healthy, happy, and that they will have the chance to thrive to their full potential. You don't have to be directly affected by ASD to appreciate that.


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