68 days for 1:68 kids - help me support the Abili-T Program

A personal campaign sponsored by Ali Dussault

December 2, 2015

Support Me

The Gold Centre’s Abili-T Program is my fourth baby.  In fact, it was my first.  6 years ago, I began working together with the Miriam Foundation to create this badly needed program.  As it stands, families in Montreal can wait up to two years to receive early intervention services for their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, often “aging out” of eligibility before making it to the top of waitlists.

I have spent my career watching these children learn, grow and thrive with the supports in place to reach their full potential.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of children on the island of Montreal will never have access to the publically funded services, that will make the difference between a bright, fulfilling future, and a lifetime of 'what ifs'.

The Abili-T program opens its doors to 30 children each day, and provides not-for-profit, subsidized services of the highest quality.  Every day I witness children learning to speak, to play, to relate to others, to be joyful and to be inspired to learn. But the cost of these service is too much for one organization to cover alone.  

And so I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to contribute to our ability to help these kids.  By sponsoring me and this initiative, you will be giving a child a chance to become his true self. You will be giving parents hope. You will be changing the course of a life.


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